High Up Hardknott


How high could it be I thought? England has no real mountains (not like the mountains where I come from). And the trek up Hardknott Pass started gently enough, with its views of heather-covered hills and babbling brooks, lulling me into a false sense of “just another Roman fort”. After a week of visiting many forts along Hadrian’s Wall, Hardknott needed to be special to impress me.

But soon the country lane turned into a single track mountain road with hairpin turns and what seemed like nearly vertical grades. Near the top, if the cars coming down didn’t give way then I’m not sure we could have got the car going again once we stopped.

Mediobogum or Hardknott Roman Fort sits on a ridge of undulating ground at 800 feet above sea level, not too far from the top of the pass. The views from the site are spectacular to say the least. No the pass isn’t as high as those where I come from but it is impressive and unexpected.

And perched on hills and in fields around the fort, were herds of Herdy (Herdwicke) sheep. Those incredibly cute Lake District sheep start out life as black lambs with white faces and become grey as they age. Their faces are truly adorable. 

For quick facts about the fort’s remains and history, go to Hardknott Fort.




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