Forte or Fortissimo? Fort-itude on the Wall

Creating a slideshow on the Roman fort sites along Hadrian’s Wall this past weekend for the group that is hiking the wall in the spring started me wondering which site or sites I would choose as must-see and which ones I would pass by if I didn’t have the time.

Number one to see has to be Vindolanda. The artefacts in the Chesterholm Museum alone are worth the visit. And I haven’t been there since they updated the museum in 2011, so I think it might even be better now.

Replica Milestone at Vindolanda

Number two would be Chesters with its interesting museum and diversity of remains including the extensive bath house ruins.

Which sites could I go by without seeing again if I didn’t have the time? Probably Birdoswald, because it has the fewest ruins and the best parts of the wall there are outside the site.

And if time was tight in Newcastle, I might choose the Roman exhibit at the Great North Museum over Segedunum Roman fort.

Luckily for our group hiking along Hadrian’s Wall, the wall itself and its setting are the biggest attractions, especially between Walltown Crags and Housesteads Fort, and there will be no missing them.


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