Roma – Mother of All Footprints

After more than thirty years since my last visit, I am returning to Roma (the mother foot?). Back then I knew so little about Roman history, but it was the sights I saw there that fuelled my desire to study ancient history.

In those days of film and photo developing, you couldn’t be quite as shutter happy as you can now with digital cameras. And you never really knew what photos would or wouldn’t turn out until you were long gone. I was in awe of the Pantheon yet I don’t have a picture of it. Was it because I didn’t take one or because it didn’t turn out? I don’t remember but I am looking forward to seeing it again.

The ancient statue of the Laocoon in the Vatican Museums caught my eye, despite not knowing at the time that it was ancient and a representation of a scene from the Trojan War. It was Laocoon who warned about Greeks bearing gifts. Unheeded he was rewarded with death by serpents for him and his sons.


Laocoon in the Vatican Museum

Laocoon in the Vatican Museum

I am excited to return to Rome with more knowledge of her history and culture. And it’s time to update the photo album.

Here are a few more old photos I took in Rome:

Interior of the Colisseum

Interior of the Colosseum


Roman Forum

Roman Forum

Hadrian's Villa

Hadrian’s Villa


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