Three Thousand Years in Nine Days

Three thousand years of Roman history in nine days? Well, I did my best. Someone I met traveling once said you must leave something to return to see someday. I have left a few stones unturned in Rome. But this post is about the stones I did turn over and here is some of what I found under them.

Day One

Trajan’s Forum and Column – Trajan’s column tells the story of the conquest of Dacia in pictures. I saw a copy in the Victoria and Albert Museum in London (and wrote a post about it no-tv-no-internet-trajan-had-an-app-for-that) but it’s amazing to see the real thing.

Trajan's Column

Trajan’s Column

07 Trajan's Column Closeup

Trajan’s Column base

Trajan's Market

Trajan’s Market

Across the street from Trajan’s Column is the Victor Emanuele Monument, a massive gleaming white landmark that serves well for navigating me back to my nearby hotel as I wander Rome. It celebrates the modern (re-)unification of Italy.

Victor Emanuele Monument

Victor Emanuele Monument

Down the street is the icon of Rome, the Colosseum. Or to be more historically accurate the Flavian Amphitheatre. Its most photographed side is covered with scaffolding so I took a photo from its other side.

No caption necessary - is there?

No caption necessary – is there?

These were the things I found on my first day in Rome. After traveling for 24 hours to get here, I needed rest for the next 8 days. Much more to come.


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