Three Thousand Years in Nine Days – Day Six

Day Six began inauspiciously. I took the metro out to EUR to visit the Museo della Civilta Romana only to find it closed. It was a shame because this museum holds a model of ancient Rome that I wanted to see. Next time.

Back into town to the Piramide metro stop. Just opposite this stop are two small remnants of ancient Rome – the Porta San Paolo/Museo della Via Ostiense and the Pyramid of Calius Cestius.

Museo della Via Ostiensa

Museo della Via Ostiensa

The pyramid is the tomb of a Roman magistrate and member of a college of priests built between 12 and 18 BC. It was built along the Via Ostiensis, the road that lead to Rome’s port, Ostia.

Pyramid of Caius Cestius

Pyramid of Caius Cestius

A short walk away is the area of Testaccio and Monte Testaccio, the hill created by centuries of discarded ancient clay amphorae.

Monte Testaccio

Monte Testaccio

From here I walked to the Baths of Caracella. These baths, dating from AD 212, are located in a gorgeous setting and are impressively tall.

Baths of Caracalla

Baths of Caracalla

The baths were decorated with mosaic flooring.

14 Baths of Caracalla Mosaic

26 Baths of Caracalla Mosaic FragmentAnd tiles on the wall.

23 Baths of Caracalla Wall TileOn the grounds of the Baths of Caracalla a modern artist Michaelangelo Pistoletto has created a piece from ancient fragments of the baths called The Third Paradise.

37 Baths of Caracalla Fragments

A short walk and then a metro ride from the Circo Massimo stop and I’m back in my own neighbourhood.



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