St. Albans


Quick Facts

Roman Theatre at Verulamium

Roman Theatre at Verulamium


St. Albans, Hertfordshire

Map & Verulamium Museum


  • Verulamium was the first Roman town in Britain built around AD50.
  • Attacked and razed to the ground by Boudica and rebels from the Iceni and Trinovantes tribes in AD 60/61.
  • Partially destroyed by fire in AD 155.
  • Where St. Alban, the first Christian martyr in Britain, was beheaded in the late third century AD.

What Remains


  • Excellent collection of mosaics dating from AD 150-300, including the Shell Mosaic, the Oceanus Mosaic and the Lion and Stag Mosaic.
  • Wall and ceiling paintings.
  • Enameled brooches of hares, horses and ducks.
  • Lead coffins and burial artefacts.

Verulamium Park

  • Wall sections 12 feet high.
  • Outline of the London Gate.
  • Large geometric/floral mosaic floors of a wealthy town house in situ.

Roman Theatre

  • Only remains of a Roman theatre in Britain. Unusual because it has a round orchestra and resembles a small amphitheatre.
  • Townhouse and shop foundations.

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