Galava Roman Fort

Quick Facts

Galava Fort Granaries

Galava Fort Granaries


Ambleside, Cumbria

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  • A timber fort was first built here in the late first century.
  • The stone fort was built in the early second century.
  • The early timber fort was made into a raised platform above the lake’s flood plain to support the later stone fort.
  • Garrisoned by a cohort of 500 auxiliary infantry men.
  • The fort was occupied until the fourth century.
  • There was a large vicus (civilian settlement) to the north and east of the fort.

What Remains

  • Granaries – the most extensive remains here are the granaries with stone wall and buttress foundations.
  • Principia – some foundations of the headquarters remain.
  • Main and South Gates – some fragments survive.
  • Angle Tower – small fragments survive.
  • Commanding Officer’s House – sunken and grass-covered outlines of the praetorium.
  • Fort Walls – none remain.