Isca Roman Fort

Quick Facts

Legionaries in training

Legionaries in training


Caerleon, Gwent, Wales

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  • Founded in AD 74 as the Legionnary Fort of the II Augusta Legion.
  • Between AD 287 and 296 the main buildings of the fort were demolished. The II Augusta Legion may have moved to Richborough in Kent.

What Remains

  • Amphitheatre – Very impressive amphitheatre remains with a section of the fort wall beside it.
  • Caerleon Fortress Baths – under cover (paid admission) with some exposed drains and hypocausts.
  • Fortress barracks – The only visible remains of Roman legionary fortress barracks in Europe.
  • Beside the barrack are remains of the fort wall, a gate and turrets on the corner of the wall, cookhouses and circular ovens and a latrine.
  • Roman Legionary Museum Caerleon – (free admission) excellent displays and artefacts. The museum has one of the largest gemstone collections found in the Roman Empire. The gemstones were discovered beneath the fortress bath remains.