Deva Victrix

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Chester Amphitheatre

Chester Amphitheatre


Chester, Cheshire

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  • The legionary fortress for the 2nd Legion Adiutrix was established in the mid-70s AD by Governor of Britannia, Julius Frontinus.
  • The 2nd Adiutrix was relocated to the continent around AD 88 and Deva was then garrisoned by the 20th Legion Valeria Victrix.
  • The 20th Valeria Victrix was still stationed here in the 3rd century.
  • The fortress was very large, 24.3 ha/60 acres, and able to house 5000 soldiers.
  • The amphitheatre was first built in stone around AD 100.
  • It went out of use 120s AD, while most of the soldiers were sent north to build Hadrian’s Wall.
  • In the late 3rd century it was restored and was in use for several decades.

What Remains

  • Only half the fortress amphitheatre is visible. It was capable of seating 7000 people.
  • Foundation remains of the fort’s southeast corner watch tower.
  • The Roman Gardens has several column fragments and lumps of carved building stones, as well as a reconstruction of a hypocaust heating system.
  • There is a Roman section somewhat visible in the Medieval city wall.
  • On Northgate Street there are two column bases from the legionary bath-house, a column base from the fort principia, and a gutter from the legionary barracks road.
Roman Gardens - Chester

Roman Gardens – Chester


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