Carrawburgh Mithras Temple/

Procolita Fort

Quick Facts

Carrawburgh Mithras Temple

Carrawburgh Mithras Temple


Carrawburgh Mithras Temple and Procolita Fort, Northumberland

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  • Procolita Fort was added to Hadrian’s Wall around AD 134 overtop the vallum, the defensive ditch south of the wall.
  • The fort was garrisoned by the auxiliaries of the Aquitani (from southwest France), Cugerni (from the Rhine region) and in the third century infantry units of the Batavi (from the Netherlands). Troops were stationed here until AD 383.
  • Artefacts discovered at Carrawburgh Mithras Temple revealed that it was built in the early third century and was used until the fourth century by the soldiers at Procolita Fort. The sign at the site says the temple was destroyed, probably by Christians.

What Remains

  • Nothing remains of Procolita Fort except an earthwork outline.
  • The stone enclosure of the Carrawburgh Mithras Temple is filled with reconstructed cement altars, partial statues of Cautes and Cautopates (Mithras’ companions) and posts – replicas of stone and timber ones originally found at the temple in 1949.

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