Dover Roman Lighthouse and Painted House

Portus Dubris

Quick Facts

Dover Roman Pharos 2Where

Dover, Kent

Roman Lighthouse

Map & Website


  • One of two lighthouses built on the cliffs of Dover, possibly dating from the late first century.
  • Located in Dover Castle beside St. Mary’s Church.

What Remains

  • Well preserved four story lighthouse.

Roman Painted House

Map & Website


  • Mansio, or official transit hotel, built around AD 200.
  • Located outside the north gate of the Roman naval fort and was used by Roman officials traveling between Britannia and Gaul.
  • Demolished around AD 270 to make way for a large Saxon Shore fort. Several rooms were backfilled with rubble and this protected wall paintings from destruction.

What Remains

  • The best-preserved in situ Roman finely painted wall plaster on any site north of the Alps.
  • Designs relating to the worship of Bacchus, the god of wine and revelry.

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