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Lullingstone Wall Painting

What Remains

Romano-British Highlights 

  • Lullingstone Wall Painting and Lullingstone Chi-Rho.
  • Set of Glass Vessels from Burgh Castle, early 5th century.
  • Head of Claudius from Rendham, Suffolk.
  • Vindolanda Writing Tablet Display.
  • Silverware from Mildenhall, Suffolk.
  • Snettisham Jeweller’s hoard including silver gem-set rings, snake-rings and bracelets, and necklaces.
  • Portland Vase one of the finest surviving pieces of Roman glass made of cameo glass, a technique in which vessels and plaques, some free-blown, some cast, are created with two or more layers of glass, and are decorated by carving.
  • Hinton St. Mary mosaic.

Head of Claudius from Rendham, Suffolk